Hey, friend! We're Aaron and Elysea Reigh, the couple behind the cameras. We've been shooting love stories collectively for 7 years now and we never want to stop. We were dating when we shot our first wedding together, and it just *clicked*! Photographing people in love ultimately contributed to us falling more in love, and we knew we had stumbled upon magic. Prone to nostalgia, the fact that we get to make time stand still in an intentionally heartfelt way never ceases to amaze us. 

The faces behind
sun reigh photography

behind who we are
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Our faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of all that we do. We are so grateful the Lord has entrusted this life to us, and for every success in our business, we give all the glory to Him.

The heartbeat of our brand is to praise God through every aspect of our lives as living testimonies of His faithfulness. We can't think of a better way to do that than to photograph the covenant of marriage that He calls sacred. 

We love because He first loved us and we serve as we are called. Our hope is you will feel that in your experience from beginning to end and be blessed by it.

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Your trust in us to capture your life's most important seasons and days is a privilege we don't take lightly. 

We value your trust so highly and it empowers us to do our best work. It is our value to honor that trust in everything we do, from beginning to end, in communication and all things creative.

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Every couple's love story is unique and we seek to honor each by documenting authentically. By prioritizing genuine interaction and individual personality over posed or forced setups, we can capture raw connection and emotion.

Additionally, we don't copy other artists' pictures, repeat work, or act like photographers we are not. Instead we allow ourselves to be inspired by our surroundings, what your story is, and lean into our creative strengths to best capture your day. We have found authenticity always yields the best results and gives the opportunity for you to be transported back to exactly how you felt in an aesthetic way.

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Whether it be a 300-guest grand wedding or an intimate mountainous adventure, we know you have poured all your love into planning the details of your day. 

It is our joy to bring the same intentionality in our work to best serve you. From early communication, to the photographs we capture, to the delivery of your gallery, we strive to be intentional in every step. You deserve the same energy and heart you put in, and we intend to give it.

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We commit to creating and serving in all aspects with excellence. We have worked for years to fine-tune our craft and utilize top-tier equipment to offer you quality pictures and an amazing experience for you to enjoy.
Your day only happens once and deserves to handled with the utmost care and excellence. Allow us to be the ones to provide it.

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It's a journey that blends the best of two worlds

We currently live in the beautiful state of  Tennessee, but we both grew up overseas in Asia and Europe. Our nomadic childhood has led us to a life of packed bags, adventurous trips, and following our couples all around the country and world to capture their wildest dreams and visions.

Our heart is bent towards discovery and we love to use that experience to further enhance our couple's planning and sessions abroad. Let's plan the next adventure together, shall we?


Exploring new cities

Our cats (Milky Way & Luni)

Noah Kahan, John Mayer, and anything that sounds like the This Is Us soundtrack

Peppermint tea & brownsugar shaken espresso 

Boardgames (Catan,  Codenames, Hues and Clues, the list goes on)

We'd love to document your love. We book months in advance so please reach out early! Don't hesitate if you have any questions.