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CHEERS TO YOU, FRIEND! This season of engagement is oh so sweet and special. And while it often comes with lots of planning, these decisions are contributing to the wonderfulness of your day. How dreamy is that? Now let us show you why choosing Sun Reigh Photography is a great place to start. ;) We are here to serve you!!

You're Getting Married!

We are here for the entire experience. We're here to know you and your story, to laugh and get goofy with you, to help with the planning and the "what to expect" questions,  to be in your corner and cheer you on, and to hype you up when we see how incredible you and your love look. Because here's the deal. Knowing you better is going to help us tell your story better. And when you are comfortable with us, you'll be more comfortable with the camera. And the images that come from that type of relationship are priceless. Are you feeling it?

Now here are a few ways we go about infusing those words above into our art. Take a look. 

Now there are a lot of photographers out there and we want you to find the one that will best serve you and your vision! If you're looking for perfect prom poses and another vendor that's there for a one-day job, that's not us!

And together,
we'll make magic.

These are the words we strive to portray in our work. 
Your images will hold their own distinctive extension of these words based on the themes and feel of your day. So basically, we'll take  allll that makes your relationship beautiful and special, and pair it with our cameras and experience . . .

connective, authentic, timeless, and unique.

If these words spark your interest and make your heart beat a little faster, then we might be your people.

connective, authentic, timeless, and unique.
If these words spark your interest and make your heart beat a little faster, then WE MIGHT BE YOUR PEOPLE.



Your photos will be REAL. They'll maintain the integrity of the moment and accurately reflect what the moments of the day held. 
Rest assured, we'll make sure you look beautiful. If your makeup is smudged or your hair is in your face, have no worries. We'll always help a girl out ;)
But the details of the day, the emotions, they'll be real and raw. Ready for you to relieve all over again through your images. 


Our artistic look has been developed over many years to produce images that are creative and bold, but hold elements that don't age. 
We're talking warm and dreamy skin tones, filmy black and whites, and punchy colors that accurately represent the environment's appearance.
Photography is full of trends but it's important to us that your photos won't lose their taste as these looks come and go. No matter what the styles are decades from now, your photos will still be beautiful and timeless. 


Lastly, each set of photos will be original.  While the album will have all the photos your mom and grandma love and expect, they will be spread throughout a variety of pictures creatively shot and artistically produced.
In the days leading up, we factor in what your venue looks like, your color schemes, your design elements, and before your day even comes we have an idea of all the ways we can channel creativity into your photographs. By the end of it, you'll have unique photos fit for your Pinterest DREAMS.

how does that sound?

We have been photographing weddings for over 7 years now and we intend to ensure  not a moment of your day is left forgotten. It is our priority that all the intimate details that make up the day's glorious entirety are yours to hold onto forever, immortalized in cherished stills.

It's not just the day you invest in. It's in the memories that were born there. Let us save you the heartache of missed moments or poor quality images, because pictures are one thing you can't re-do. When the cake is gone and the flowers are dried, you can rest assured knowing you'll be able to re-live the day over and over again. 

 You'll receive quality images to hang in your home, share on your screens, and view over and over to remember the day your lives became one. You'll be able to enjoy these photographs for years to come and your children's children will know the story of your love. 

But friend, we are lovers of in-betweens. lovers of seconds and feelings. And when you invest in us, we promise that we invest in YOU.

No matter what type of day you create, it will most definitely be filled with all the beautiful things: warm embraces, laughter, toasts, tears, kisses, small gestures, moments of holding your breath, and moments of letting it out.
Every couple I have ever spoken to (and we echo this sentiment as a married couple ourselves), say that the day FLIES BY. From the earliest minutes of brushing your teeth to the dancing late into the night, it's all one big, beautiful, happy blur of love and life!

So let us ease your nerves a bit and ENCOURAGE you. Investing in your wedding photos is a decision you will never regret. It might be the BEST decision you make for your whole day (Ya know. Aside from the committing to the love of your life one ;)) 

okay, friend. we get it. planning a wedding on a budget is REAL.


let's do this thing!

  • facetime or in-person client consultation
  • My personal "BRide guide" filled with tons of wedding tips and tricks i've learned throughout the years (and also through planning my own!)
  • questionnaires to help personalize the experience to best reflect YOU!
  • assistance in planning the perfect wedding day timeline
  • 6+ hours of photo coverage 
  • a SECOND photographer
  • Professional image retouching
  • APPROXIMATELY 55+ photos per hour
  • online gallery within weeks of the wedding
  • The best experience ever ;)

each collection includes:

wedding collections begin at $2900

One thing we want you to know is these numbers aren't randomly chosen. They have been carefully calculated to factor in all the hours and efforts that go into the quality services we provide. What does that mean for you? You're getting bang for your buck and nothing less!

Prices and packages are based on hours of coverage. Customized prices are based on distance traveled, additional hours of coverage, and any personal add-ons requested. 

okay you've made it here! we're getting super excited at the thought of photographing your special day.
now let's talk money, honey.


( P.S. If you're planning an elopement or micro-wedding in a unique location, let us know! If it's a place we've been dying to travel, we might be able to work out a deal ;) )

pricing for packages is based on location, travel/lodging, and hours of service. local elopements will differ from destination.

elopement packages begin at $3000

is the traditional wedding day not your thing? we offer customizable elopement packages to fit perfectly with your ideal wedding-day adventure.


sound good?

It's here! Under Sun Reigh Productions, We now offer both wedding videography AND product/brand photography. Here's what this means for you!

1.) We're now a one-stop-shop for all things wedding coverage. You can get a photographer, a videographer, or both, all from us! Just specify on the "Contact Us" form what you're looking for.

2.) If you're in need of a branding session, social media content, or any type of product display, we gotchu. We partner with brands to aesthetically capture their unique qualities and give them the photographs they need to really tell the story behind who they are and what they've created. Let's work together!

did you know?!

Sun Reigh Photography has officially added its new branch, "Sun Reigh Productions"

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